Friday, April 09, 2010

How did I ?

Welcome the thirties I mean. A lot of people asked.

I am doing a daily dealings kind of post after a long time :)

Well, the day began as usual, Subhash's mom made boorelu and Mavidikaya pulihara for me.And his parents gave me a gift. The touching thing about it was that his Dad actually made the effort to buy a nice envelope to put it in on one of his previous visits to the post office :) It was so sweet of them.

Then Subhash went to work and I went about my usual business, bathing the baby, working from home, emails, calls, meetings etc etc etc. Subhash came home early and he bought a cake for me! I wasn't really expecting him to since he didn't tell me he would and usually he doesn't like surprising me ;) It was a yummy mango cake. Then we went to the temple, got Archana done, came back home and then went to Leela for dinner. There this little guy got restless and we took turns, me, Subhash and his Dad to carry and show him around while the others ate. We came home around 11 and retired.

Today, my LT gang at work got me another cake which was equally yummy! A choco-chip one and we all hogged on it. Then went about business as usual. These days when I go to work, it is a mad whirl of meetings and more meetings (obvious, considering I go only for meetings). So got back home pretty hot (from all the walking in the sun) and tired :)

That is all :)


Anonymous said...

having such inlaws is v v rare....vani.balaram

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