Friday, April 30, 2010

Gadget Geek gets geekier

Now the geek gets geekier. He got himself the new HTC Desire phone. And today he was chatting and saying strange things like "How are you". And I asked him what was wrong with him and he said "I am practising why is typing while driving".

First I didn't get it, then I figured that his phone transmitted "why is" when he told it to type "voice". So now he chats on GTalk while driving by simply talking to his phone.

I wonder what else he will venture into in the future. And if the son takes after him, the pair of them might just leave me perennially awed with the things they do with technology!!


Subhash Surampudi said...

For those thinking that I could have called her. Id Just say that any new tech has to be tried to be experienced. What say?

prash said...

This has been in use for sometime now, though not for chatting.

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