Thursday, April 01, 2010

Two years!

This past March 26th, we finished two years of life back in India. And I am still saying "Lovin' it"! :)


Kunal Jani said...

Congratulations Divsu on completing 2 years of R2I. From ur blog posts, I can clearly see that you are loving it. Kudos to ur attitude since I think that is the main ingredient for successful r2i.

On a slightly unrelated note, I am actively looking for jobs in India in the semiconductor industry. I see relevant positions in Cisco India on the Cisco website. would u mind forwarding my resume for such posiitons ? I have 9+ years of ASIC verification experience with Intel in US.

DivSu said...

@Kunal - Sure I can do that. Please let me know your contact details so we can connect offline.

Thank you

Anu said...

Hi Divya, I have been visiting your blog quite frequently from last one month, almost reading every post of yours. But right now,this is one post/topic which interests or should I say excites me the most.
We are R2Iing to Bangalore in may this year ..Have loads of questions on what to take / what not to take etc..If you dont mind would you be able to guide in this matter? Would really appreciate your help.


DivSu said...

@Anu - Sure, will be glad to help. Please pass on your email and we can discuss offline :)

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