Friday, April 30, 2010


After the perfect line comes the perfect evening. These days, it rains almost everyday with the exception of a few here and there. It is damn hot in the day and in the evening that extra heat brings on the rains. Normally I notice the clouds getting dark and I dress up the son for his evening walk but by the time we get out it has already started raining! A couple of days we waited for the rain to stop and went out but more often than not we just had to settle for watching the rain through the window.

Today was different. Its been cloudy for an hour and a half and its cooled down to the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold, perfect breeze. And it stayed that way for the entire duration of our walk. It was so nice and cool, the breeze, and we walking, slowly taking in the peace and quiet. The colony kids as usual were bicycling and playing and I am hoping the son will soon be old enough to join them and will be good friends with them and will have a gang of his own.

The only thing missing in the perfection was the husband but hopefully tomorrow will be the same and he will fill the gap :)

When the colony girls bicycle it somehow always reminds me of Ms. Clara Fernandez. She was my class teacher and she taught us science when we were in the V standard. Once she got this brilliant idea and had a bicycle assignment plus cleanliness assignment. We had to bicycle on the school grounds and we got 5 points if we did well, in the term assignment portion. You came clean to class and you got another 5 points. Cleanliness included clean linen, clean hands (nail clipped etc) and clean noses. I wonder what she had with noses. She actually went around the class with a ruler checking everyone's nose! :))

Needless to say I miserably failed in my cycling assignment (wait I know what you thought, you thought I failed cleanliness didn't you? Sorry to disappoint) because I didn't know cycling and I tried learning the previous day in vain after wasting all the warning period leading up to the assignment. I learnt to bicycle finally in my VI standard summer holidays in Tumkur (but it didn't help my assignment anyways)!

There was also a comment on my previous post on rain saying rain disrupts traffic and causes a mess. I sympathize with the person who posted the comment (I don't know who you are) but at the same time I felt a tinge of pity that we city folk have become completely numb to nature's wonder. In the middle of the April heat when it is at its height and vexing everyone, nature actually intervened and cooled everything off and I was happy for it. But most of us spend so much time in the AC at work and at home anyways, that it really probably ceases to matter whether nature is heating or cooling. All we want is a smooth road to ride back home in :) I say we should blame BBMP for it. If only they managed rainwater on roads better, we could all enjoy the rain AND the road :)


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