Tuesday, April 06, 2010


-Sometimes you have to suffer fools. And chest-thumpers.

-It makes it easier to sympathize and/or empathize or for that matter to even talk to some people when you don't know too much about their opinions. Subhash always tells me this. But sometimes I am too curious to heed his wise advice and end up causing a lot of heart burn for myself. Unnecessary.

-I realize time and again how lucky it is to have at least one person in life who takes you for what you are, no frills, no obligations, who takes your every whim seriously and tries to fulfill all those that he/she can :) I think everyone knows whom I am referring to :))

-In two days I bid farewell to my twenties, or tweens as Subhash's dad calls it :) So all the growing up :)


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