Saturday, April 03, 2010

My gadget geek

Subhash is the best gadget geek I have known personally. The amount he reads up and keeps abreast of in gadgets is simply mind blowing. I wish I had a similar passion in any one thing that I did.

The latest discoveries I have made on stuff that my geek has done recently is that he has enabled internet on our TV and we can now watch YouTube videos direct on the 55". And his phone I figured today has Voice search for Google. It is pretty cool, we were driving and he wanted the address of the Samsung showroom in Indiranagar and all he did was took his phone out and told it to look for "Samsung showroom in Indiranagar" and it translated accurately and Google gave us results. My god! Google Voice search is something. I recommend every one to try it :)

So there, my gadget geek makes life more interesting and easy with every passing year ;)


Anonymous said...

guys are like that. girls tend to seek softer objectives like hobby, cooking etc.thats nature's way of balancing in life

Lavanya said...

Did he buy the new phone he was planning to buy?

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Yeah, I guess you are right.
@Lavanya - Nothing yet. Why? :)

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