Friday, April 16, 2010

Census 2011

Today when I came home from work, the Census 2011 guys were at home asking some questions. They are taking down names for the National ID cards project that Nandan Nilekani has been assigned to. Apparently they will start with Karnataka. And they asked some pretty nice questions like what is the sanitation method, how is drinking water supplied, what type of kitchen we have, does the house have a bathroom, is LPG the fuel for cooking etc.

I can see how relevant these questions are and if accurate data is polled it can go a long way in ensuring basic facilities reach places that don't have proper sanitation, water supply etc. But I wonder if it is possible to do such a mammoth task with accuracy.

The ladies who had come home were happy we opened the door. Apparently most people don't. And even if they do, they do not answer questions patiently. And these ladies are government school teachers. They are given some target areas and this many houses to do. And the worst part is that all apartment buildings are considered  1 unit. So if they are assigned 300 houses and 200 of those "houses" turn out to be apartment complexes each with lets say 10 units even (we know how apartments are these days, 10 is miniscule), they need to easily cover 2100 houses. And that is a mammoth task. I do not envy the teachers in government pay anymore.

Nevertheless the intention is there and I hope it will see the light of the day, this national ID program.

And Rohan is officially part of the Indian population now for the second time already ;) ;) Earlier the regular census guys had come and we gave his name then too!!


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