Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why no more?

I was answering a comment on my previous post when I remembered I wanted to do this one.

If someone were to ask me whether I'd like to move to another country now, I'd say I do not like the idea, for two main reasons - 1) Winter 2) Lack of household help. After two years of not scrubbing and cleaning and dish-washing and vaccuuming and what else not, I find it is not a very pleasant proposition for me to go back to it. I did that for about 7 years and I am heartily sick of it ;) When the maid ditches me I am more than happy to clean up the house to get rid of my OCD tendencies, but not on a regular basis and not full-term for sure.

What about other R2I folks out there? Do you like the prospect of going back to a foreign country (not necessarily the one you came back from) or do you find it to be an unwelcome proposition?


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