Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random thoughts

- I forgot to rejoice in the cyber world that SPAR now has a dedicated Lindt counter. For the past four months it has been so easy to pick up the Lindt stuff, no more searching for Lindt in aisles filled with Hershey's stuff!! Yay!!

- Little Italy has been happening weekly. Hmm..too much fat intake (when you count all the Lindt truffles I am eating). All that jogging will go absolutely waste! First Saturday we ate at Little Italy, then couple Saturdays we ordered take home because we had friends over with us, last night again went there since it was S's last weekend in Bangalore.

- So it is happening. S and V are moving to Hyd for good. We've stayed in the same city (first Sunnyvale, then Bangalore) for almost five years now. I cannot believe how fast time flies. And now they are moving :( We will miss you guys!!

- I realize time and again what it is to have a great family and at least one person (wink wink) who cares for your every wish and whim as if it was a command. Lucky lucky!! :)

- If someone were to tell me that a mom bonds immediately with her new born as soon as it was born, I'd think they are either kidding or they are super human. No such thing happened for me. First week I was zombied out, wondering who this new living being (read stranger) in our lives was. It took me nearly three to four weeks to wake up to mommiehood and only slowly did I start enjoying it. Now I love the baby and feel the bond with him. But initial days were a big blur and full of confusion :)

-Been having a power situation at home. For the past 48hrs, half the house is dark because something is getting short somewhere and its burnt out two of our MCBs because of the load. Luckily in the right places, the lights come on :) (read, the fridge, microwave and all 15A power circuits, the light over the stove, lights in both bedrooms etc) Hopefully situation will get better by tomorrow, the electrician has been too busy over the weekend.

On a closing note, here is one video I enjoyed watching very much when I was preggie - It is a NetGeo series but there is the whole video available on Google video.


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