Monday, November 23, 2009


I just realized that brilliance is not my thing in more ways than one.

I mean I always knew that I was never brilliantly intelligent but yes I was extraordinarily hard-working. People thought I was brilliant since I always aced my academics but it was just a donkey's job going over and over the same thing again till it sat firmly in my head. I used to tell my sister that she was definitely more intelligent than me, any day.

Anyways, coming to the point, what did I realize today. The same thing applies to my cooking as well. Some people dish out exotic dishes. Brilliant and exotic stuff. What I cook on the other hand is boring at best. The same kura (curry) and pappu (dal)/rasam/sambar menu day-in and day-out. Never even a flash of brilliance in that menu. But yes I do cook religiously every day, twice a day. See the pattern? Actually I didn't realize this today, I knew it a long long time back, but what I realized is that its all part of the same pattern.

Now I am thinking what else does it, this pattern, apply to? Turns out, even to my home-making skills..not a flash of brilliance in colours or palettes or show-piece selection. But whatever plain boring stuff I have, I meticulously maintain and clean it.

Damn!! I am boringly monotonous at best?!


SK said...

Sometimes boring predictable montony is good, it is more reliable than unpredictable brilliance :--)

Vani said...

i need to know how you manage the home skills though in a dusty city like blr...with a busy job

DivSu said...

@SK - Yeah I guess that is one way of finding consolation ;)

@Vani - In the US I used to dust and clean the house top down every weekend. A good 4-5 hours on a Saturday would just go! Now I get the maid to do it :) Every day! What luxury ;)

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