Monday, November 30, 2009

The bad shin

Lots of people asked after the bad knee. Thank you :) I should say it is getting better. We did try to find a doctor nearby, but didn't manage. First we were not sure who to go to. Then we decided any physio/orthopedist should do. We even found a perfect clinic in Indiranagar. But then the doc wasn't in over the weekend at the clinic. He also apparently consults in Manipal but there too he was not available. So we gave up.

Subhash's mom is an acupressure specialist. And being the mamma's boy that he is, apparently he also learnt it while she was at it. So when we spoke to her on Saturday evening, she suggested he should try it. He was reluctant because he said it would pain a lot. I said its ok. I can take it.

BIG mistake. The pain when he presses the accurate point is like hell. (And as expected he said " I told you so") And he is quite a specialist in finding the exact spot corresponding to my pain area. Apparently it is the shin and not the knee. The pain, it takes the life out of you. But it did seem to have worked. After 4-5 sessions, my pain has gone down significantly. Added to that the ice pack treatment and the Bengay after each session. I am quite confident that with proper rest I am sure in a day or two I should be back on track(s) ;)

I love mamma's boys. When the mamma is nice, they turn out sensitive, chivalrous and sensible to a woman's needs. And luckily for me, the husband is one such ;) And I am hoping the son turns out one too ;)


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