Monday, November 30, 2009

Pheni in Sunnyvale and Bagels in Bangalore

To date the most hits on my blog through keyword search as per Google stats come from this post.

I just cannot believe it. After a good three years, this post still serves my blog some purpose and brings it some traffic, ha!

I was looking for Pheni in Sunnyvale.

So now what?

I am in the mood to eat a bagel :D. Yes, after years of eating whenever I wanted at Einstein Bagels in Madison and the Bagel Street Cafe in Sunnyvale, today, I felt a great desire for a bagel (actually I felt a similar desire even a bunch of months ago but lets ignore that) So I want to find out where I can find Bagels in Bangalore.

Bagels in Bangalore - Points me to some place in Sanjay Nagar. Too far.
Bagels, Airport Road - This one is my bad. Tells me I can go to Cleveland Airport to eat one.
Bagels, Airport Road, Bangalore - Ahh, I see one hit on an article in The Hindu which says the Oberoi hotel has it on their menu.

This makes me a little hopeful. Actually Subhash was suggesting this earlier, that Leela might carry some if they have a delicatessen. With the number of gora log that they serve, they should have some. So now onto looking in the Leela....

PS: Found out from Citrus (their 24hr coffee shop) in Leela, they do serve Bagels and Cream cheese for breakfast daily 6.30 to 10.30 AM. And I think if you are staying at the Leela you can order them anytime of the day. Yay!! So, this Friday, breakfast destination - The Leela :D


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