Monday, November 16, 2009

Facebook status post

Once was the time when I used to put up Facebook status because what I wanted to say was too short for a blog post. And I hate doing short blog posts unless it is profound enough where the less said the better. Now I am doing a blog post because what I want to say is too many things for Facebook. Such is the reversal of technological fates..

-Me is filling out an insurance claim form and it took two lines to fill in my son's neonatologist's qualifications, there are so many of them!!!

Yeah, I read somewhere in Cradle's brochure that he is qualified in 4 continents. From his list I can make out that Europe (UK), Australia and Asia (India) are three. The fourth I am assuming is North America (US, of course!) And like I read on one of the blogs on the web, he is the most unassuming and down to earth person I have seen for all that huge string of qualifications he carries.

-Me is mighty impressed with The Cradle Bangalore.

I never praised the place on my blog before, but I just realized that. Its a "boutique" hospital and I must confess I wold have been highly uneasy with my pregnancy had it not been for this place :) Although we live at a 10 minute walk distance from Manipal and a 10 minute drive distance from CMH, we used to drive an hour each way to reach Jayanagar since my OB/GYN, Dr. Kini, didn't consult at their Diamond District Centre (that is also a 2 minute drive for us!). But then this kind of "going long distance when stuff is available at a much shorter distance is not new to me. (I went all the way from Tarnaka to JNTU College of Engg when I could have gone to Osmania University College of Engg which was 10 minutes from my place. Now I say that it was destiny because I had to meet Subhash et al, but now this parenthesis matter is getting out of hand so I will stop) There are a lot of blogs on Cradle and how it is so nice so I will not repeat it. It will suffice to say, I bet I wouldn't have found a better place even in the US :)

Now why I am impressed with Cradle? I needed Rohan's (that is the first time I am using his name!!) neo-natologist's Registration number and I called twice yesterday and the person who took my calls both times was feeling sorry since she couldn't give me the info as some other person who knew it was not around. She promised that she would call today and even for Cradle's standards, I thought that was a bit much. I was very much prepared to call them again today when surprise surprise, I got a call bright and early in the morning at 8, and she gave me the number. I am impressed. Period.

-Me got started on jogging alternate laps today.

Yay!! for that. And here is hoping that the 10 kilos is shed without much further ado and that I may fit back into my old clothes with much ease sooner than later.

-Me thinks the Leela Salon (M&W) experience gets worse with every visit.

Yeah it is The Leela and all, but this time I was more disappointed than the earlier ones. Normally when I don't have the luxury of time to visit my own hair guy across town on Richmond road, I settle for the Leela because its closer home plus they finish much quicker than my stylist. Its almost like eating at the Taco Bell vs at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Its is done in mass, attention is very little, attendants are more often than not grumpy unless you are a regular (and regulars are usually gore log or the Page 3 type desis), and this time I even had a sloppy person wash my hair and pour the water all over my neck. Tsk tsk tsk.. I guess I have been spoilt by my hair guy too much!


Vasu said...

What kind of exercise did you do while pregnant? Also do you have your experience documented in a blog? I am an expectant mom.

DivSu said...

Hi Vasu,

I used to do incline walking along with my regular work out for almost 7 months. After that it was difficult to keep up the time schedule so I just got to brisk walking for the rest of the two months. I used to do hand weights (2.5KG each dumb bell), till almost the very end. Didn't follow any websites or anything. Just did what I was doing normally, gradually reducing the intensity according to what the body felt was adequate that is all.

Anonymous said...

Good hospitals are every where and in every country whether US or UK or India. Its matter of you finding the right one.

Kidee said...
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DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Yes, I agree. In US, UK, India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, good hospitals are everywhere..

@Deepika - I already blog on another blogger about my mommyhood experience, it is not open to public though. If you want to read it, please do share your email and I will be glad to invite you to it :)

Kidee said...
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rupa said...


Can I get an invite to the other blog too?

DivSu said...

@Deepika - I see you have accepted the invite and removed your email from above :) Cool, thanks!

@Rupa - I invited you, please accept

sharada said...

Have been reading your blog for quite sometime. I like the way you write. I don't blog but am eager to read your other blog and hope you invite me :-).

Rupa said...

Hi ,

I am unable to log into your blog. Could you send another link please
Note: When I am clicking on the below link there is an error.


DivSu said...

@Rupa - I did send you an invite. Did you get an email saying I have invited you? Mine says you have still not accepted, not sure what the matter is.

@Sharada - I am not really writing the blog with an intent to share with others, but fellow moms I do want to share experiences with. So sorry about this! :)

Rupa said...

I did get the invite over email. but when I clicked on the link it says link error. I tried today too. the same problem comes up. was unwell. hence late reply. So if you could send it once again it will be great.

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