Thursday, November 26, 2009

Looking for answers

One more philosophy - Man is always looking for answers.

I had this knee pain in both knees on Monday. I ignored it as it just looked like another case of muscles going and settling down in the wrong spots since there was a lot of "kluck kluck" when I moved my legs. Tuesday I went for a jog as usual, first few paces hurt the knees but eventually it fell into rhythm and I didn't feel anything. Towards Tuesday afternoon the knees had buckled and gone for a toss. As a result I had to give up morning jogs/walks for the past two days. I was very upset since very rarely do I have injuries and for probably the second time in my life I had to use Bengay to soothe the pain since I had to walk around with the baby etc. Get the drift? I was very very upset. I was even anxious that it was something serious that took toll on my knees. Last night Subhash was asking me if I changed my shoes recently when he saw the spot which I told him was aching. It was true. After a long time going around in soft padded flip flops etc, I had gone and worn those hard-soled sandals on Sunday when we went out. And I think I did quite a bit of walking in it. So that did it probably. It hurt my knees. And of course that fact that I ran with bad knees just went and aggravated the whole thing.

So till I got this possible answer to my question "Why did the knees suddenly start hurting", I was at complete unrest. The moment I found a possible answer, I was fine even though I still had bad knees.

Knowing the answer to why a problem happened makes us comforted for sure. For one it tells us exactly why we are in a soup which is always a first step to fixing it, if fixing at all is possible ;)


Random thots said...

I dont know if that answer is right but my sister experienced it throughout her undergraduation while she was in hyderabad.She wasnt very obese but her knees made this sort of noise when she was walking.Even I had it occasionally and I guess you know my weight.I guess it is the water's fault

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