Friday, November 20, 2009

Stupid stupid Facebook..

Well, recently, on one of my colleagues' wall (AM's wall), I noticed his rant on how Facebook is throwing useless stuff at you.

-X is new to Facebook, help him/her get started.
-You have not connected with Y on Facebook recently, write on his/her wall.
-Z needs a profile picture, help him/her by suggesting one (This one is really WTH)

...and so on and so forth.

Now comes the final touch!

He joined Facebook this month.


I have already enlisted this guy as my son. Now why would Facebook want me to talk to my own son through his "Wall". Stupid, stupid Facebook! Or maybe Facebook wants the world to be taken over by social networking and ideally people in the same room should be writing on each others walls instead of looking at each other and talking. That would be so much fun!!

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Umang said...

Well, here are my 2 cents and this might annoy you.

1) why would you put a few months old person on facebook? There is a lot of time for him/her to socialize for the rest of his/her life.

As a parent you say, you want to put stuff relevant to him/her. Well, you could do it in your album (it will be mostly photos for now).

2) ok granted a infant does need a facebook account. Do you really want facebook deciding which relatives should or should not be talking to each other. Why do you want them to encode the logic that if x is son/daughter/husband/wife/... of Y then do not suggest that they write on each other's facebook wall. c'mon. give them a break.

Final note... why is facebook doing all these creative self promoting ads? I see it this way - there are some frequent posters and there are people who are totally inactive (created an account but never come back). There are other people who are just passive. Facebook is just saying "connect with some of these people" with whom you haven't exchanged notes/photos/status... in quite a while. Isn't that what social networking is all about.

I would just say learn to enjoy things around you instead of complainng. Nothing is going to satisfy 100% of the population. :)

DivSu said...

Wow! Umang, either you are getting too old (I know it is your birthday tomorrow) or you met with someone who seriously spoilt your mood. This post was meant to be light-hearted and I had no idea that you were such a serious supporter of Facebook or I wouldn't have dreamt of hurting your sentiments ;)

Umang said...

You guessed it... getting too old. :)
No, seriously it is not FB or anything. I seriously feel that people should look at the positive side of things and in doing so, not your your own mood but also people around you feel uplifted.

Spread the positivity around (too much negativity in the world already).

BTW, my comment may have come across as too serious/rude but that wasn't the intention. :)

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