Monday, June 01, 2009

The old boy Palio..

I was thinking about our car last night. I've thought along these lines once before. I am the type of person who treats all her possessions as having a life and mind of their own ;)

Couple of weeks ago on our way to the doc, we yet again got the front tyre into a ditch. The old boy seems to be running into some tough luck ever so often. We finally got it out with the help of a few passers-by (it's amazing how much help you get out here on the streets;) ) and the boy was back home safe, but yeah we have been running him down quite a bit of late.

Anyways, what was I thinking about this car. I've owned two cars in my life. One was very dear to me since it was my first car and although it was a used oldie, it was a deadly black Honda Accord and I loved it just because it was my first. Then was the more chanchal Merc C-Class which I loved because it fulfilled my one long dream of owning a Merc. So much so that I don't care for cars anymore. Been there, done that :) The Honda was the sturdy, stable, reliable lambe race ka ghoda, and the Merc was the flirty, nakhrewali.

But neither of these cars have seen any significant life events of mine. Which makes them moot. (And the fact that I no longer own them ;) ).

The old boy Palio on the other hand is special. It is Subhash's first car. And its seen so many life-events of ours, that it makes me emotional sometimes. Whenever Subhash says he wants to buy another car, I completely put my foot down and refuse. We can't simply sell this car.

The car saw us meeting after three long years in Bangalore back in '04 when we were officially still not "a couple". (I admit I hated its colour back then, the TDP orange ;), but then I am beyond its physical appearance now :D ) Then he moved it to Hyd and there it saw us getting engaged, then getting married. Then we brought it back to Bangalore when we moved to India, and here it saw us in our first home which we call ours. The meeting, the engagement, the marriage, the house-warming. The car has simply been with us through it all! And it seems to be an amazing coincidence to me since they were not all in the same city :) And now its going to stay with us through some more significant events of our lives and I cannot help but feel emotional about that guy :)

And so whenever it gets a hit, I feel really sad...its borne it all very well so far and doesn't show much on the exterior. So here is wishing it a lot more mileage and healthy life..


Laksh said...

Could relate to this post a lot. I feel that way about my material possessions too.

Anonymous said...

Get your parties right ammaa, entha bjp supporter ayithe maatram, daani color neeku nachhaka tdpki vestaava? Tdp is yellow kadaa? ?????not cool...
Oorike antunna...serious avvaka! Bjp supporter endukannanante from u'r posts gathered that there's no love lost b/w u n the cong(i).

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