Friday, May 22, 2009


Sometimes people's attitude gets me thinking..

Cisco's transportation largely consists of 100s of Innovas and and bunch of buses. Innova is Toyota's standard Minivan model, two front seats, two middle-row seats and a three-seater in the back. I am the first one to get off from the cab every evening. Normally there is one woman, let's call her Ms. G, who sits in the front seat along side the driver. This evening looks like some guy got to the cab before her and she had to sit in the middle-row which is where I normally sit. The conversation ensued like this

Me opening the middle-row door.

Ms. G: Can you sit at the back?
Me: But I need to get off first, right?
Ms. G: But you don't have to always sit in this seat no? You can also sit in the back sometimes no? (and this is fully animated as if she was ready to fight if I said one more word)

At this point, I completely comprehended the fact that Ms. G is absolutely dumb and cannot see why I was telling her its easier for both of us if I sat in the middle row since I got off first. She totally missed that logic. So I just said, "OK" and she got down and I pushed the seat ahead and went back (in the back its more roomy than in the middle row BTW). Then when I was getting off, it was a full 2-3 minute exercise to get off with her needing to get off and the driver having to do some circus moving the seat forward (since Ms.G was too busy talking over the phone and no one else could reach the lever) and finally I was out.

Phew! Some people can only think up to so much.

And some other people take immense pleasure in blogging about them ;)


Laksh said...

LOL! :) people!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I know such people!
And good luck with exams et all.
And yes, you should write more, more often :--)


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