Friday, May 22, 2009

What a waste!

I saw the WPR (Work Place Resources) hired "Dusters" guy waste so much damned water in cleaning the floor outside our gym today that it made me feel like sobbing.

Yesterday there was rain, I mean it rained with a vengeance. And this afternoon at the gym I spotted this guy trying to clean the place and the dirty water, with water. And that too a jet. And he spent so much time and wasted so much water on it that I was heart-broken. Why cannot they do it the old fashioned way? Spray a little water, take a coconut broom, bend and sweep/clean the dust/dirt off? Why should you waste tonnes of water on a useless exercise like this? And what the hell is the point? So that the guy doesn't have to bend?!?! I am sure it doesn't do a better job at cleaning, so what is the deal? I'd rather make somebody do a little harder job and pay them more than waste already-scarce resources like this :( After all, paying the person more will help him and end of the day its just money, it is man-made, it is manufactured. Water is not. The more we waste, the worse off we will be for it tomorrow :(

Sigh! When will people see the point? :(


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