Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Boo hoo!!

My mommy went away!! Boo hoo!!! :((

Like most of my friends on Facebook know by now, I had visitors over the weekend. My parents arrived Friday night with sis and an aunt (my favourite one) and two cousins. It was a large party and I have to confess I was very nervous. More nervous than excited. How will I manage so many people. Will the house be enough to hold so many, will the kitchen utensils be enough for cooking, will the beds and layouts be enough and so on and so forth.

But I was worrying uselessly. The days passed off so quick, and now they are all gone off already :( Everyone seemed to fit in just fine and the kitchen didn't explode like I thought it would. Plus they were family so little inconveniences were probably not even cared for, and they probably adjusted remarkably well, so I didn't notice any discomfort on their end :)

Three of them left yesterday and the rest left today and now I am back alone again in the house which suddenly feels very huge :( I think I put off my sis once by saying something. And I felt bad about one time I was unnecessarily harsh on my dear momma. So next time I am resolved to not even let it happen these few odd times. And I sooo wish they could hang around a lot longer.

The only consolation now is that tomorrow Subhash's parents will be here and I don't have to be alone anymore in the few weeks to come!!


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