Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow! to Ohh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rain continues its affair with Namma Bengaluru. Every evening by the time I come home (which is exactly around the same time), the clouds get overcast and it starts raining within half an hour of me reaching (thank god!)

Today was particularly cloudy. So much so that it was blackening. Subhash called and said it was raining heavily near his office and asked me to take an auto home instead of walking and if it starts raining while I am in the bus itself, I should wait and eat somehting in Pizza Hut while he comes over to pick me up.

So all set. I checked the clouds after I got off. Not too bad.

There was a cart vending particularly good looking mangoes which smelt heavenly as I walked past. I had to really control myself to not go there and buy some since I needed to get home as soon as possible. Believe me, it was tough. Anyways, I got home the usual time, and within 5 minutes the clouds enveloped even this place and right now, its raining so hard, its beating the doors and windows off everyone's homes. Luckily for me, I have a good window view where water doesn't come all the way through the windows so I can actually afford to take in the rain AND the breeze all without having a drop of water enter the room. Can there be anything better? No sir!

I had this urge to eat pakoras. Actually I do, every day, since one other card vends these heavenly smelling ones being freshly made just as I am walking home. So every evening I think I should go home and make some. Today I am actually going to implement the plan. I put in the batter and onions to soak :D (Did you know the best pakoras are made when you do not add water to the batter and let the onions mix with it to ooze enough water on their own, you do need to leave it for 15-20 minutes though, the more the better).

So looking forward to a nice evening with rain pattering on the window panes and us having hot pakoras inside the cozy comfort of home. Life couldn't be any better :D

Now the oh no!! part

Moments after I wrote the post, went closer to the window and peeped out, what do I see! We have a flood situation. Not in Bangalore, just in our house, somehow the three drains (*ALL* the three damned drains!!!) seem to have lost the will to drain water and its been steadily building up. I went out in a flimsy wind sheeter and made a lame attempt to unclog them three, but I couldn't find them in the water for a long time and when I did too, it didn't help much :(( And I got royally wet in the process, so I found some bricks and stashed them against the main door, found some old curtains and propped them against the door. Subhash is stuck in but-natural Bangalore traffic (especially Bangalore traffic when it rains), I have lost the appetite for pakoras and the rain seems to finally have taken mercy on me and slowed down. I am cooped up in the house, there is no power (thanks to the UPS, I don't have to sit in the dark at least), and I am blogging for lack of knowing what else do to.

Sigh! So much for an evening which started out beautifully! Still, at least I can blog, how about that eh? :)

The rain has downgraded to a drizzle now, there is no power anywhere and I didn't afterall need the bricks and the curtain proxying for a washer. But I still don't know how to unclog the drains. So I will just wait for Subhash to come and sort it out. Right now I am feeling at peace finally and am hoping and praying that it will not be short-lived. Please pray with me!!


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