Thursday, April 09, 2009

A birthday well spent :)

Thanks for all the wishes in the previous post people, truly cherish them :)

Birthday went well. Made some pulihaara (tamarind rice for the uninitiated) and left for work @ the usual 7.45 AM. Morning was a storm @ work where I was tryng to handle 2-3 meetings concurrently and even managed it successfully!! Then went for lunch. My lunch table gang got this "Chocolate Walnut Cake" from this place called Caramel opposite our Divyasree Chambers office. They brought it to lunch and we all had it and by god! it was yumm!!! Then got back to work, and my team had another cake planned for me! The blackforest one from Cafe Coffee day. All in all too much cake. One of my colleagues had wished me two days ago and asked for treat and I told him if he remembered to wish the right day I'd treat for sure. He did and so I bought sweets for the whole team.

Evening was photo session followed by temple visit followed by a nice dinner @ The Leela. Although I was not hungry enough, Subhash enjoyed the dinner and I enjoyed the ambience and the trees and the fountains! This place is so close to our house yet we never went there, but it turns out its not so much a rip-off as I used to fear it would be :) Food was quite what I would call "fine dining delicacy" :)

Loads of people wished me which naturally made me happy :D

So all in all a day well spent :)


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the # of people wishing you on your birthday gets considerably decreasing as you age? or is it just me...I know I'm surely not as popular as you, but just checking:)

Btw, Happy belated b'day!
It just got one bigger, wink:)I mean the #.

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