Friday, April 17, 2009

Restaurant Raves - Two new ones

Restaurants that we tried I mean. I totally felt guilty for not raving about them.

Jamavar @ The Leela

This one was a special birthday treat :) Food was "delicate" and "fine" totally what you would expect from a hotel like Leela. We ordered the Tawa Aloo Chat for starters and it was a little too tangy even for me (and THAT is saying something). Subhash just couldn't handle it. They offered to eplace it with something else (again something you totally expect from Leela) but we said it was OK and got to the main course. We took the Baingan-Mirchi ka Salaan (being the typical Hyderabadis) and the Dal makhani (did I already say I HAVE to sample Dal Makhani wherever it is I go?). We order the Roomali roti, the Onion Kulcha, and the butter naan. All were simply yumm. I thought the baingan salaan was a little on the sweeter end but Subhash thought it was perfect!

Little Italy (100ft road, Indira nagar)

I loved this place. Especially the noisy ambience. If you are looking for a romantic dinner, avoid this place, but for me it was perfect! Kids running all around, couples dining and generally a lot of commotion and so much to observe over a meal! We sat in the small cove outside the lounge and it was perfect for observing everyone. But I did fear that some of the kids playing would slip and fall and land on me, but that didn't happen, thankfully ;)

I took the MuskMelon/Water Melon juice and it was uhh..umm..umm..good. I ordered another one, so much so :) Appetizer was what used to be our standard first course in Tomatina minus the piadine, the caprese. It was laid differently and was very nice and fresh. Good. The main course was the catch-your-breath "Masala Mafia Spaghetti" for me and the Vegetable Lasagna for Subhash. I ended up dousing both with my standard Tabasco to eat but they were delicately laced with all the right flavours. Extremely full by the time we finished this so no room for dessert, but we are heading there for dinner tonight so will check out the desserts including Tiramisu.

A happy stomach says bye and see you later!


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