Friday, April 24, 2009

Squashing a misnomer

Here, let me do my bit to eradicate this terrible falsehood:

AND, read through the comments.

Now some more:

So guys, please vote. "No Vote" doesn't really help beat anything out of the system if that was the notion you've been carrying around.


B Shantanu said...

Thanks for the link in, Divsu...

And I am glad to see that you went out and voted!

Shantanu said...

Divsu: Sorry for pushing this but this is an important and very *live* issue at present...

There is a raging discussion continuing on my blog and I have also requested Barun Mitra (the author of the original post) to share his thoughts.

Pl. do visit/share your thoughts and join the debate.

The latest comment is here:

Anonymous said...

hey, your post on rain, onion pakodis (without adding water) disappeared...:)?

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