Monday, May 18, 2009

The 10-point post

Because it has 10 points

1) When people write to me saying they follow my blog, I feel guilty. Since I haven't been writing so often as I should like.
2) Why I am not writing has various different reasons.
3) I need to re-certify my CCIE which expires this coming January. Since I am not very confident about being able to spend any time on it September onwards, I am giving myself a deadline of July to finish it. I hope I do! But hey, 2 years for re-certification is a very short time :(
4) I am trying to fit into my new role @ work nicely but I get jolts sometimes. And at other times, the tech part is all that keeps me sane ;) Thank god for engineering!!
5) I need to renew my passport and I am going mad trying to gather all kinds of address proofs. I still curse myself for not having been able to make time to go get that voter ID when I could.
6) I got so mad with trying to gather address proofs that I actually took a print out of the electoral tools which shows my name and address hoping they will accept it ;)
7) I badly need a vacation. I haven't had one since our Hawai'i trip last Feb, its been almost 1.5 years and I cannot believe that we've been so tied up with the routine called life that we haven't taken a breather all this while :(
8) Election results are out. I am a little disappointed that we will continue to have a PM who still refuses to contest elections like every one else does. He might be a financial whiz but hey, that shouldn't give you so many exemptions. Let's have someone else now, shall we? Next will be Rahul they say, well, at least, he is doing something to make sure the party is winning unlinke Mr. Singh. Well, we iwll have to live with this circus for another 5 years now, hopefully because of the Congress' majority, we will have less circus than last time around. less dancing to tunes of stupid coalition partners.
9) I felt sorry that Chandrababu Naidu lost. He was an exceptional CM when he was in term. Showed a lot of promise and vision and a willingness to change things around. But I am glad Jayaprakash Narayan won. And from Kukatpally!! My parents/sis' votes haven't gone waste after all! :) Now we can have at least one sensible voice in that rowdy Assembly in Hyderabad ;)
10) The husband's parents are here. His mom alternates between extremely good days and some bad health days :( But all in all I am hoping they are having a good time here. And we continue to grapple with water troubles. Not because of lack of water, mind you. There is plenty to go around with all the rains and stuff. But the BMRCL guys dug up all our water lines on 100ft road, apparently for the Metro project and so we can rarely see the supply these days. At least the BWSSB tanker guy shows up once in a week, so it keeps me sane for now.

I managed to finish 10 points. That is some achievement. Its not lack of time actually, its just lack of things to say in adecent sized post. Everyhing suddenly seems so mundane and below writing-worth ;)


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