Monday, June 01, 2009


-Husband's parents have gone back. They are having a tough time dealing with the Hyd heat. And for me it is back to my single days, finding some way of passing time till Subhash is back home.

-Since his parents have left, it is up to me to make some evening tiffin, no ready stuff made hot by the time I come home. Today I made something nice though: Sprouts plus onions plus tomatoes plus Kurkure masala plus nimbu juice makes for a yummy and "mostly" healthy evening snack (minus Kurkure, it is 100% healthy) ;)

-Changed the cab timing to 10 AM. Getting up at 5.30 in the morning is getting increasingly difficult. So wanted to try this out. Let's see. I need to re-schedule some meetings around it.

-Hyd trip is set. Tickets booked. A lot of people suggested Kerala for vacationing, and we were planning this weekend, but yet to decide on a few things and make bookings. Let's see how that goes. I have not had vacation in a year and a half! (Did I say that already? ;) )


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