Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Whatay day!

All day in a meeting! Missed gym, missed tea sessions, missed all my own team's meetings. It is performance review time and I got into this meting which unexpectedly went on all day. Sometimes I wish I could just be an engineer doing my own work without having to think about assignments and status and staffing and tracking ;) Grass is green. On the other side ;)

I love the intelligence of the shuffle feature on the ExpressMusic 5800. Somehow it seems to always know how to pick the right songs. My iPod in comparison is dumb. It keeps playing songs from albums that I have previously repeatedly skipped over. Well maybe it is also the songs, I filtered and added a few hundred songs to the 5800 where the iPod has 1600 odd ones, so the probability of hitting a song I don't absolutely love is much lesser in the 5800. But I still think it is smarter than the iPod. Any opinions people?


Sri said...


Just wanted to send u a link to my post about our school..


Kishan said...

ipod may not have an intelligent logic in picking up the right songs but hands down, it is best gadget to organize the music. I add the songs to the library and I usually mass update the tags (album, composer, picture, etc) and that's it..the songs are not only organized on the ipod but the folders on my laptop's hard disk will be orgainzed as well..

The look and feel of itunes is something that I didn't find in any media player. The sync capability is awesome and the way you can build a playlist on the go couldn't be more easier.

To your point, you can rate songs in itunes/ipod and then set your shuffle option to play songs with higher rating.

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