Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another day gone whooosh!

All in meetings. Can you believe it? 11 - 4.30 straight, not one minute to spare except the few in which I managed to hurry with my lunch. Sigh! Hopefully this ordeal will end with today. It is performance review time, you see, and so one cannot help it, or so it seems! Phew!

I managed to sneak in some time with one of my engineers to do some technical troubleshooting on some problem he was facing, and I loved those 10 minutes! My ex-boss used to say, life becomes spreadsheets and power points once you cross-over to being a manager. And boy! was he right! (Like in all other things.) For now since I am still in demand for the tech area I used to work in, till my team becomes completely independent of me and can work entirely on their own, I can snatch some precious engineering work moments like these :) It keeps me sane :D

I need to workout, need to eat more fruits and need to read !!! Read :( When will I read :( My CCIE re-certification deadline is coming hard on my heels now, what should I do! Read. Read. I keep reminding myself.


Sri said...


Congrats to u too!:)

Ya,i was from the 2000 batch..i think i do remember a Lavanya who was the school Secretary..she was tall and thin with glasses,cross plaits and was in Pansies, i think..she was the Secretary when Aishwarya was the Head i right?


DivSu said...

Yeah she is tall, was think and wears glasses. Not sure who was the head girl when she was Secretary. She was in Pansies yes, so was I :)

Sri said...

Ohkkk..i think i remember ur sis...btw,does she have a blog too...wats she upto?

I know a girl called Ritika who was in ur batch i guess..she is also a Company Secretary like me...also,one of my friends got married to one Ranjeeta from ur batch last u know these girls?

DivSu said...

-No my sis doesn't blog ;) She is working in Hyd right now.
-Ritika I don't know :(
-Ranjeeta I know very well, she is married to a Vipin right? So you know Vipin??

Sri said...

Ohkkk..ask ur sis if she remembers a Sridevi who was 2 years her junior in school...i think when she was the Secretary, i represented the school in the Bournvita Quiz Contest...highly unlikely that she will remember me but worth a shot!

Ya,i know Vipin as his dad and my dad were college mates..Vipin and Ranjeeta attended my wedding reception at hyd last yr...

Lavanya said...

That's right! Aishwarya was the Head Girl when I was secretary. I WAS thin then but no longer :( I am sure I would recognize you when I see you... Have any snaps of yours??

Sri said...

Hey Lavanya

Nice to see ur ru?

if u could pass on ur email id,i can mail u some pics...

Take care..

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