Sunday, June 14, 2009

Warm n' fuzzy and Thunder n'lightning..

Was feeling rather warm and fuzzy on Friday night. Good start to a perfect weekend. Came home late after a tiring n' day-long outing to Wonder La. Place was standard amusement park fare. It took us two and a half hours to drive back from the place and I got home only @ 9. To a great home and husband :) Dinner was ready, Subhash who got home before me had made everything and I just had to shower and enjoy a happy, hot meal. Considering that lunch was very very average in the Wonder La restaurnt, it was Wow! And somehow it made me feel all warm from within :) Some days are like that maybe ;)

My maid came in early this morning @ around 6, and then it started drizzling slightly. Yummy morning, cloudy weather, slight rain, perfect start. Then slept off again around 9 and woke up quite late, had idlis and got off for the day to meet up with the doc. Then had to pick up contact lenses. But not before making that much needed stop @ the sports store. Bought those hand weights which we've been putting off for so long and now I can totally move my gym routine closer home. And while @ it we bought a carrom board too!! Yay!!! Did I ever mention that I was carrom champion in college? And completely gave it up after that. Thanks to my bad fingers and the nervous weakness I'd developed due to excessive playing ;)

Went out for dinner with friends, to Barbeque Nation. As always the dessert buffet was awesome. Then came home and had a match of carroms. It was super cool playing @ home after donkey's years. There was thunder and lightning on our way home and it just kept pouring, and pouring and lashing out. And Koramangala was nothing short of a mini sea. The BBMP folks have laid roads too eagerly, and forgot to install drains, so it seems. And all that water has no where to go :( We take and take from the earth and never replenish it, how long can it sustain this abuse, I wonder :(

These days I think I've gotten sensitive to people around me. When I see someone "salaam"ing for 20 bucks, or that old woman begging @ the traffic light, I feel really really bad for having a good life. Guilty for enjoying things while people suffer for just 5-10 bucks :( What justice is that? I don't know, I never have an answer :( I jst feel awful, I feel I should give uo everything and go off somewhere to meditate. But that never helped anyone, so for now, doing my bit trying to help people within my administration at least. But it is sad, very sad :(

A wide range of emotions there eh? :)

And now is the time to apply for a new passport. Come on, I can do it this week ;)


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