Tuesday, June 02, 2009


In order to bring back my blog hits per day back to 100+ I've decided to bore the average reader by mentioning all nitty gritties of my daily life here every evening ;)

One of my colleagues recently bought a Toyota Corolla Altis (in India the Toyota Corollas and the Honda Civics are "D" segment cars and very very very expensive!!) and she got it to work today. We all decided to take a ride in it to (nearby?) HSR layout to have the yummy Mango Kulfi (actually a hollowed out Mango, done so by removing its gutli, filled with Kulfi and frozen, served by cutting to slices like regular mango). Last time we went to that place, they weren't selling this stuff yet so we drove back disappointed. But today, thanks to my sister's (she is my sister by a decently close relation) amazing luck, they were selling the kulfi and so all of us devoured it in style and got back to work. A goood gourmet day it was ;)

Our tenant's sister got married yesterday. We couldn't make it, although it would have been a good road trip to Jog Falls and back. Need to save all that PTO for that elusive vacation which never seems to materialize, every time I plan it, it goes for a toss for some silly reason or another :(( Anyways, so the tenant left his small fish bowl with us and it is one of my duties now to clean the water out every alternate day and give them food every day. Subhash's dad was doing it when he was here and now that they've left, it has been delegated to me. Its fun to see the fishes wriggling about when you pour fresh water in ;) It is one of the first things I did after coming home today :D

Next I need to figure out how to manage a team offsite and a colleague's engagement on the same day. Which do I choose? This is the first offsite after I've moved to the India team, which is a shame since its been more than a year now. But then, blame the recession. So anyways, should I go to the offsite and bond with the team or should I go with the gang to the engagement and create a lot of guffaw? Tough choice!

(Picture courtesy KK, a colleague :) )


Anonymous said...

good, keep writing :--D
And fishies! I love fishies.


Abhinav said...

Ensure that the offsite is near the engagement venue, so that you can attend both.

Anonymous said...

whats place name where you get this kulfi ?:-)

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