Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ho! I nearly lost my phone!

Man, that was a scary and nerves-filled evening!! I had lunch, went to one meeting, then went to another meeting (phew! what is new). Then got into the cab and lo! no phone! No desk keys too!

I asked the cab driver to stop near my building went up to my cube and checked. No phone. Asked a colleague to go up for me (we were in the same meeting earlier) and check in that meeting room while I collected my thoughts. I looked a little more and then went to join him and look for it. I wasn't sure if I left it in the cafeteria after lunch or somewhere else. I was not thinking.

So I went down, gave up all thoughts of going back home in the cab (can you believe I thought of going home without even looking for the phone?! Ugh!), told the cab guy to leave and went back to the cafeteria all the while trying to think back in time. Asked around in the cafeteria but was just not convinced that I left it there because I remembered un-docking the laptop to take it to the meeting, after unlocking it, so I had the keys with me when I came back after lunch, so I couldn't have left it in the cafeteria, where then. This colleague who went looking for the phone asked me to check with the HR a couple of times.

You see, in the middle of the meeting, I had gone to one of the HR folks to collect an address proof letter. I just didn't remember carrying the phone there though. I did remember vaguely that I did carry the phone/keys to the meeting. So what now. After a slight replay in my mind I remembered I made a stop at the copier to make copies of the letter. So I ran as fast as I could back to that building, to the first floor, to the copier, and what a relief it was! My phone and keys were both there. I did try calling my phone from the cafeteria and my desk but no response. At least it was ringing and that was a good sign. Not switched off or out of area. I later realized it was in Silent mode and that is probably what saved it ;) Plus the time span. I left it around 4.15 maybe, and went back for it around 4.45. Half an hour is still a huge time lapse, so I feel really really really really lucky to have seen my phone. The building where I left it is new and probably lesser number of people walking around. Because this is an office where I've lost my picture right from my desk, so I don't trust the WPR workers or the security staff with safe-guarding anything.

I am normally wary of carrying expensive stuff around because I tend to forget them around. Especially phones. And this one being Subhash's gift was all the more a deary. I think I would have sobbed and sobbed if I had lost it. Gosh! I should go back to some dabba phone that I dont really care about when I go outdoors at least. But then using a phone purely indoors, especially a mobile, doesn't make much sense. Subhash says I need to start using the loop to which the phone can be attached and carried around.

Adventurous evening, all in the mind, got back half an hour late in an auto, but all in all, in a much better shape now than two hours ago ;)


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