Tuesday, December 04, 2012

School friends and all

As if to prove this post wrong - a chance meeting with a couple of school friends happened just a few days later!

These gals and I met after 15 and 17 years each. It took probably a half an hour to warm up but once we got started, there was no looking back. We chatted on and on about current day events, back to school events, again back to present events and back to school gossip, kids, husbands, schools, etc etc seamlessly and it all came gushing back.

When I was in school, one of these girls was with me from LKG all the way till +2 in Francis'. I was very conscious of how my language changed between Telangana Telugu and proper Andhra speak at school and at home. And like magic, after I was talking to this girl for half an hour, I found myself talking in the same Telangana style Telugu. Some things do not change at all, do they?

We met again the next day at the second friend's place (I only discovered she also lives in Bangalore that weekend, thanks to the other friend) and it was very close to our home too! Again chatted away, met her son, talked about how all of us will be in Hyd soon, thought about catching up with the bigger gang and parted ways.

All thanks to Orkut/Facebook I must say - else I have no idea how I would have connected with all these gals!


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