Monday, December 17, 2012


After 8 hectic days in Hyderabad - got back into town this morning and rushed to work and routine. A great many things happened over the past week.

My sister migrated to Vadodara - and they seem to be enjoying it so far. Our first brush with all that we hear about Gujarat and its development :)

My Dad has gotten back to work. Although I am sad because it will mean no more long visits from them anytime soon, I am very very happy for my Dad - he will be content and satisfied doing what he loves :) All the best Dad!!

The biggest of all - my mother-in-law's heaven-bound journey has concluded and she has safely reached heaven. At least that is what we believe. It ends our period of mourning. It was a hectic set of ceremonies over 5 days, and it is done now. Went well. My father in law was extremely fidgety and nervous, and I'd rather have had him travel back with us but he wanted to stay on, so we had no choice but to come back, just the three of us.

The son, as usual, was completely non-fussy, and was all grown up - a great boon to us whenever we have to attend to something important. He was more social than ever, remembers most people and relationships now, and talked incessantly and most important of all - in spite of everything and all the stress, managed to come back in good shape :) (Touch wood!)

This was the first time I traveled First Class in our trains. It was rather nice. Thankfully the son had the dinner I packed for him without too much fuss and need for videos etc. On the way back we had a 2 person coupe which was even more fun. The son is also enjoying his train rides now - a good sign (makes it more economical too ;) :))


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