Thursday, December 27, 2012


Yesterday when the son and I came back from dropping Subhash off at the bus-stop I was very pleasantly surprised and happy to see this lady from further down the street taking a walk with her older daughter in law helping her. Last year at the time my mother in law was in the ICU, I used to also see her daughters-in-law there and used to wonder what brought them there. Later, I learnt from my house-hold help that the mother in law was in a very bad shape and was admitted there. Some operation lead to complications which caused her to be bed-ridden - not very sure about the detail. She was in the ICU for many months before they could bring her home and P used to tell me that she was hardly able to do anything for herself and so on. Often I have wondered how this aunty was doing, when I walked past their house. So I was very happy to see her on her feet. I stopped the car, got off, and spoke to them and told her that it was so nice to see her this way. And how I came to know since my mother-in-law and she were in the same ICU etc. They then asked how my mother in law was - I told them she did not survive. Wished them well and they went on their way.

It was really so good to see her - don't know why, maybe it reinforced a lost hope.

The other day Subhash and I were looking at something my mother in law had stitched for Rohan and exclaimed how nice it would have been if she were still around, albeit healthy. She was waiting for her retirement many years in the hope that she could pursue her many passions - knitting, tailoring, and above all, her homeopathy practice. But destiny had other plans. I really feel sad sometimes thinking of how nice it would have been to have her around, healthy and active as I remember her from the first year of my meeting her. In vain though :(


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