Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What's going on

In Hyderabad for a week+ for mother-in-law's death anniversary ceremonies. These are the culmination of the year-long ceremonies we have been performing.

Days are full and eventful with people coming and going. I couldn't help get a tad bit emotional this morning to see my mother-in-law reduced to a symbol, a ball of rice :(

I was feeling a little nostalgic too about the early days of my knowing them and just beginning to court Subhash. I was going through some old emails and stumbled on the first ever one that I wrote to them back in 2004. The other day, my mother-in-law's sister called me to ask what my father in law prefers to have for dinner and if he does/doesn't eat a few things. What his pattern is these days etc. I was flattered. She did not ask anyone else, she asked me! From that email in 2004 to this phone call last week, I think the journey has spanned a great many years and a great many stages too. I hope we can continue to stand by him through good times and bad. The loss is irreparable, we attempt to make it a little less painful, and hopefully we can succeed.


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