Thursday, December 20, 2012

A month of many milestones

Last week on 15th and 19th two very close friends celebrated 10 year wedding anniversaries. I still remember closing out all my semester exams three weeks ahead of time and traveling to India for their weddings. It has been 10 years already! Here is wishing them many more.

Today, it's been four years since we had the house-warming for this house. This house has seen a lot of things since then. Two significant life-events too, Rohan being born and my mother in law passing away. It also means, my parents have been living in their current home for 10 years.

Next week, it will be 15 years since we started our engineering course. We were a much delayed and much put-upon batch and as if to make it a symbolic start in 1997, we started on December 29, 1997! Only to have the next two days off. It also means, it has been 15 years of knowing Subhash - although we both don't agree on when we met first ;) He says he saw me a lot earlier than that bus ride (which I claim was the first meeting) when his friends were ragging us juniors in a classroom.


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