Saturday, November 24, 2012

One year already.

Today, it has been a year since my mother in law passed away from us. How this year has gone by, no idea. Initially the pain was very palpable. The sudden absence of one person whom we have been living with. Gradually we got used to the new state of things. For the past one week, many things came back from last year. But I was fighting to think of only the good things from very many years ago when she was still relatively healthy and active and took great happiness in life.

No one knows what happens to those that pass away, unfortunately there is no way to find out. I often wonder what must have become of the soul, if there is some such thing as a soul. Where it must be, if it was watching over what we were doing and all that. Or was it just a scientific, clinical passing, and post the brain stopping, there was nothing else.

If the soul is living on, I hope she is happy when she looks on us. That is all we can wish for now.


SS Rama Rao said...

With the memories of Maa one year over.She was having lot of hope to live for some more years with all available medication and by the grace of devine blessings.But destiny taken away the life prematurely.We all unfortunate to miss her.Only consolation that she was relieved of the sufferings from the teriminal disease.Lets wish the siblings may inherit her noble qualities.
She was my strength and inspiration.I am afraid to visualise the future.Just pass on the days the way life goeson.Past memories remain with us forever.May her soul rest in peace-Nanna

Anonymous said...
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