Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Minus two

My parents left for Hyd today. My sister is going to come stay with them for some time so they went back. They wanted to leave in the beginning of November, but after the last monthly ceremony experience, my mom decided to stay back till the last one was done, just in case the cook decided to not show up this time as well. He almost did that, and I was just thinking how lucky it was that my mom was around when he called to say he'd show up!

We miss them already. I think my father in law, more than anyone - he and my Dad got along really well and used to talk about all and sundry, suddenly the house has gone very quiet. The son seems to be taking it much better than I had feared. Hoping it will stay that way. He was arguing with me about why they need a house in Hyd when they have a house in Bangalore (their house is the same as my house, no?).

I am hoping they will come back with us when we visit Hyd and back for mother in law's annual ceremonies in December.

This was the first long term visit either of them has made after their US trip in 2005. Thanks to my mom being able to practice her medicine from anywhere (although she had to keep going to Hyd every month to replenish medicines for her clientele!) and my Dad deciding to take a break from work. Else with both of them having busy work schedules (even busier than mine, phew!) - it was always limited to flying visits. This time was great, having all parents around all the time - it is something I wished very dearly for always!


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