Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All done!

Today we finished the last of the monthly ceremonies for my mother in law. One year already. Time has gone by too fast.

There could have been a hundred different things that could have gone wrong and forced us to do it at the nearby temple instead of at home - luckily nothing did. I am thankful for all the small graces life offered during this past year.

A lot of thanks in the offing for a great many people too! Firstly my mother-in-law's sister who talked to one of her cousins through whom we were able to find a local purohit and cook! Her presence of mind saved the day! None of these would have been possible if we had to keep importing priests from Hyderabad every month. Next the priest himself - he made it every single month without fail. The cook - although absented himself a couple of times, did appear all of the rest of the months and cooked very nice food much to the delight of all of us.

My household help - Ponni. After every event, if I had to do the pile of dishes all by myself - I am sure I could not have managed so easily. In fact this month, she put off her festival travel (today is Diwali) so she can help us and is traveling day-after instead.

My Mom and Dad - they've been around for all of the last five monthly events - it has been possible to keep the son at home since they've been there. He was also able to participate and pray, thanks to this.

My father in law. The one person who has been our strength. Never wavering, always supporting, helping out with the shopping, planning, offering to relax rules when needed and so on, the list is endless.

Subhash - he is always all that I expect from him (and my expectations are usually set very high) and much much more in everything he does. If the son turns out anything like him, I'd be a very happy mom indeed!

One last milestone to finish diligently and hopefully my mother-in-law will reach her destination happy and satisfied for all that she suffered before she left.


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