Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time, please!

I used to be a huge fan of wrist watches when I was in school. So much so that every year my Dad used to bribe me saying he would buy me a watch if I stood first in the class. Of course I never managed it as a kid but in high school when I finally did start being top of the class, I insisted on getting an "Allwyn Trendy" watch. My Dad wanted to buy me something else, but I put my foot down. Trendy or nothing.

So I finally got a Trendy and I was out of this world. Thank God for simple pleasures. I loved the Trendy because of its interchangeable straps mainly. And I kept it for a long time. I think my mom might still have that Trendy watch around somewhere because I don't remember carrying it to the US along with my other "precious" possessions (read a pencil carrying case full of new pencils and erasers and sharpeners, can you believe I actually got it back with me when I moved back in the exact same state that I took it in?!? Weird? You bet, weird!)

Then I lost the thing I had for watches somewhere along the way in Madison, WI. Other, more important and pressing struggles you see. I actually look back and realize I lost the thing I had for a lot of stuff, footwear, watches, bracelets. Damn that is the only three things I can think of ;) Never mind. So I lost it. I stopped wearing a watch for the longest time I think till Subhash got me a Titan the year we got married. But the taste I developed changed completely. I had gone from strappy watches to elegant jewelery like watches. Gosh! When did I become a lady?

Well, anyways, after we moved back, the itch seems to have come back again ;) I bought two watches in the last 2 months. I got a couple of Timexes. And guess what, they are totally the strappy types. Not only that, they are bold straps like really wide and all that :D And what's more, one of them is BLACK! I love black watches and I realized it all over again when I got this Timex. Loving it!


Laksh said...

Ahh! Woman, you totally spoke for me when you wrote this post. I had a thing for watches which I thought I outgrew but am back into them again!!

DivSu said...

Same pinch then, eh? :D

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