Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kudos to my Sony Ericsson

I've been a Sony Ericsson person for the past 4 years. Various models, but the same brand. And I don't regret it. For the number of times I've thrown them around, my phones have lasted quite well and served me to my money's worth.

And I usually don't show any gentle-ness when I drop my phones. They typically fall from my hand or from a table, usually >4 ft height. AND on hard, very hard surfaces.

And they've all survived. Well, so far ;)

(fingers crossed fervently)


Shubhika Taneja said...

i would say ditto about the nokia phones..The worst experience was the moto razor..

Anonymous said...

yeah love the Sony Ericsson... had them for the past 5 + years..

Anonymous said...

my first phone was a snoy ericsson :) & yeah I keep throwing them left right & center - not that I am proud of it !! just a little clumsy. and that SE lasted around 2 yrs :)


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