Sunday, August 10, 2008

Of convents and experiences

When we were coming back from Hyd we took an auto back home from where the bus dropped us off. It happened to be school time and I saw some smart green uniforms on St. Marks Road. I was wondering which school this was and very soon I saw it, Bishop Cotton's. Ohh, that famous Bishop Cottons. Hmm..

I have a thing for convents I think. Needless to say because I went to one. We were going through the Cottons website yesterday to check if it was the same school that those kids were walking to. Yeah, they do have green uniforms. I was looking at the different sections in the school, the school houses, what competitions they have etc and it took me back to my own school memory lanes. Although its been about 13 years since I left school, its still one of those places I sorely miss. Apparently when I was a kid, I used to ask my mom why I should stay home on Sunday and why she wasn't sending me to school that day. Yeah well, I was weird like that.

I very often think how nice it would be to go back to school. Although, I never think of going back to school and sitting in a class. That was the most boring part of course. Everything else around it, the friends, the interval gossips, the games, those sports, the debates, the dramatics, the singing, the Christmas time merriment, the excitement leading up to the Sports Day, cheering for your house, the list is endless.

I am a very staunch supporter for convent education, I feel there is more discipline in there (although its broken more often than not by rebellious kids) than other schools. Subhash is a staunch supporter of the KVs (Kendriya Vidyalayas). I don't really mind the KVs so much but since neither of us works for the Central Government, I guess the KVs are sort of ruled out for our nextgen ;) So convents, it has to be! And I would love it if the kids go to Bishop Cottons (if we are still hanging around in Bangalore by then) or some such place although I am not sure its as easy to get in. I remember the stories on how difficult it was to get into Ann's when we were kids. Parents waiting in long lines through the night to get admission forms and all that kind of horror. Well, let me cross that bridge when we come to it ;)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the jungle
We got fun 'n' games
We got everything you want
Honey we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money honey
We got your kids........


An excerpt from the song " Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses

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