Thursday, August 28, 2008

One destroys another makes

So I had to get my file-space moved from the San Jose filers to the Bangalore ones. They would be faster or so I thought. Sigh! Bad decision.

First they moved it. That is what they thought. At least that is what they told me. When I mapped to the Bangalore filers from my Windows machine, I saw all my files, great!

Then started the trouble. Anything I manipulated locally on my Windows machine never reflected on my UNIX machine and vice versa.

Initially I didn't pay attention, then I was darn sure something was messed up with the mounts. So I raised another case. Then they said, they hadn't "moved". They had "copied" What the?!?!?!?!

So now I had two spaces. One mapping to my UNIX machine and one mapping to my Windows machine. Total disconnect. Entirely chaotic. I was forced to go back to SSH and beg for mercy for having neglected it so long and ditching it for VNC Viewer and ask it humbly to transfer my files to and from Windows and Unix.

SSH obliged so I got on with my work. They they asked me to save anything I wanted salvaged from the San Jose filers so that they could delete that space and auto mount my home to the Bangalore filers. Done. I did it. This morning I walked in only to figure that my VNC doesn't open. Said authentication failed. Hell, I was working on it till 1 AM last night. What could go wrong with my password now?! Then it dawned on me, like a nightmare coming true, the home mounting has got to be behind it. I checked, quickly escalated, and thank goodness, one of the San Jose guys was still around. Checked on it and informed me there was some mess with the mount point and that he fixed it. But it would take 4 hours for the fix to be pushed out. FOUR HOURS?!?!?! What the hell am I supposed to do till then??? This made me realize with much guilt as to how much I depend on my UNIX machine for my work. I give all the credit to my Windows machine, but no, turns out that the UNIX one is the real star. I need to really bring that beast back to India as soon as I can. Already the guy who took over my cube there is threatening to throw it out.

Anyway, four hours got compressed thankfully and now I am able to enjoy the pleasures and luxury of my VNC again. But surely something is still messed up. I can't open anything in emacs. Now the next step of fire-fighting. When is an engineer supposed to work?! Gosh!

IT guys, I tell you!


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