Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Completely arbit

Forced into taking time to post thanks to a power cut here and the backup not kicking in :) If it continues like this for a while, I will also be forced to shut down and sleep without finishing that set of tasks (@work) I stashed away in the evening for the night.

One anonymous reader asked after my blog and why there were no posts in a long time. And I was flattered. I didn't know people followed it so well as to miss it.(Thanks Anonymous!)

I really wished people would leave names when commenting. It would make it a lot more personal, I'd like to know who my readers are!

So what's up? Nothing much, the usual grind. Wake up, cook lunch, make breakfast, eat, leave for work, go to the gym, come back, cook some more, eat and sleep. (Eat features a lot of times you know!)

Power is back :)

I got to go back to scripting now ;) Meanwhile as the TV came on I saw yet one of these incredulous "Country Club" ads where the Reddy thinks he is a handsome hunk and insists on torturing us.

I leave you with this --



Anonymous said...

i sure am a regular reader since you asked to leave a comment ;). Good writing. Keep writing.


Luv2cook said...

Ok..Divya..I was talking to someone about work hours in India and since you talked about work in this post..thought I would ask you...

When you were in the US did you have a regular 8-5 schedule? and if yes did that change a lot when you moved back to India i.e. are you spending more time on work in India than when you were in the US?

Smitha said...

:-) here I am always leaving a name :-D

Anonymous said...

why don't i leave my name !! because I am lazy and haven't really typed my name in a long time- I meant in e-mails .. u have something called signature that does it for you !! so I just type the matter .. & thatz how I got used to it!! and who types long names these days - and itz usuallu a -H, -K or -S. Itz just out of habit. btw I am the one that left that no blog post & I do read urs often


DivSu said...

Ohh the suspense has gone now :)

Thanks for checking back in Priya ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Divya,

I am another one of your avid readers...although I have to confess, its been a while since I stopped by. So, back tracking and reading now :D

When work seems to consume me, I try to browse around and end up at your thoughts :) - very interesting ones and so similar to mine - but you say it so much better! Anyways hope you are having a blast in India!

Take care,

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