Monday, August 18, 2008


I spat out some pearls this morning when I was conversing with a senior colleague about somewhere he didn't want to go recruiting just this year but was asked to leave this evening for the same place (given that this place is GOA and usually people lobby to go there, this was unusual, but blame it on August, he didn't want to go. December, yes, August, no. Just too sultry)

So anyway here is an excerpt

Colleague: this is crazy.. I already withdrew my name
Colleague: Did not want to go


Me: That is called life by some section of the population called intellectuals
Me: you get what you don't want
Me: and you want what you don't get

(---PEARLS END--- ;) )

Colleague: :(

Me: Wow I am going to post this on my blog
Me: My pearls of wisdom, first time ever



dharmabum said...

i believe it actually is the other way round - we get EXACTLY what we want!

Anonymous said...

long time !! no blog ??

DivSu said...

Yeah, I was thinking about the same thing. Need to post soon ;)

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