Sunday, April 08, 2012


Somehow I am always excited about my birthday. And today's best part has to be that the son sang the whole nine yards of the birthday song including "happy birthday dear Amma" and " may god bless you" and all that after vehemently refusing to believe that us adults can also have birthdays since 12 last night. After much contemplation and our repeated highlighting of this fact he finally figured it is a possibility and then sang the whole thing;)

This is the first one without mother in law around. In the four years since we moved back she was there with us for three of my last birthdays. She always used to make some sweet for me. I miss her today. Very often these days I find that void more and more. She always used to celebrate every success of mine very visibly and vocally. Even if I told her that today my team got me two birthday cakes or some such small stuff, she used to be very happy and excited about it. No one does it now:(

Going out for lunch with father in law - first time since she left. Later will meet some friends, one of them visiting from the US and been ages since I met. Looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

how sweet Rohan singing a birthday song for you :)

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