Monday, April 16, 2012


In the last few weeks I realized the love of my life that I was missing - competing in events.

Inherently I always was a very competitive person. I don't let the competition translate into jealousy - and I abide by this rule very strictly - but competing itself gives me a high :)

When I was a student - till engineering even - I had avenues in which I could compete and feel good. Since then the competing part has waned, found very few outlets and in general been sitting in some dusty corner.

A few weeks ago, thanks to a friend, I played Throwball - a sport I played last - 15 years ago! I used to be quite good at it - was the team captain - won various matches etc - but I was not confident of what I could do now - we also were playing a rather formidable-looking team. We lost the match but I guess for me the highlight was that I was able to hold my serve and also served aces for 9 points! Of course the other team did much better (which is why we lost) but knowing that I still maintained the edge of my serve made me feel good - and in general the cheers and the energy that a team sport brings to your system - I had not experienced this in 15 years!! I realized how much I missed it when I went through that experience again. Maybe I will play again next year - like they say - just for the kicks.

Last week was also particularly good. An entry I submitted on behalf of my team won the group prize and was announced in a meeting with JohnC and I actually felt great. I did not think it would make me so happy or give me such a high - but it did. And I found myself unable to explain it at all. In the same lines, we had a local celebration as well and I had also won another contest (although it was a walk over in some sense - I knew another entry which was much better) - but getting that acknowledgement in front of 200 people was enough to make my whole week at work exciting! So then I figured, it is just that I am a competitive person. And some habits never die!


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