Monday, April 23, 2012

More competing

Close on the heels of my last post comes one more ;) I was part of the team that won the 4x100m mixed relay in the Cisco Engineering Corporate Challenge :P Upfront, I have to confess I was the weakest link and we had very strong runners in the team and I was just supplying the headcount for the team ;) But still, we won ;) So cheers!!


Anonymous said...

How is it managing people? in the sense are the people being managed having less exp than you or they ask you to manage people that have almost same exp as you. then lots of egos etc come into play making it tough for the manager.Also the manager has to be very technical to gain it true. Since you are managing so well, thought will ask you

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - you are assuming that I am doing well :) But anyways, I think it is not very bad. When people are technically strong they do not carry that many egos. And I certainly do not carry any :) So I am able to get along just fine.

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