Thursday, April 05, 2012


The son ran round and round in circles and in an increased state of excitement - lost control of where he was running and rammed real hard into the sofa :( He has a small sized well on his upper lip and the blood dripped on and on in the evening yesterday - I have never seen so much blood - poor baby. He bore it very well as usual - let the doctors examine him (the ped near the house first and then the one in C9) and in general kept up his spirits throughout - which was the only thing that kept my heart from breaking :(

Today we are taking him to his regular ped in Jayanagar - his opinion is always like the final verdict for me - till he sees him - and recommends the next steps - I won't have any peace.

He might need a minor surgery to close the well on his lip - please keep him in your prayers.

UPDATE: Doc said that the wound was healing well so we should not do anything now. We were more than happy to not do anything now. He said if the scar is bad after it heals we can always fix it later with a minor procedure. We came back home a lot lighter!!


Anonymous said...

May God bless the heartfelt wishes for him...Don't are an amazing mother and this phase will pass by soon...

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