Monday, February 09, 2009

Weird weird

--I got an email last week from a girl who wanted some advice on buying property in Bangalore. Her husband had bought some stuff from us when we were moving back to India and somehow she chanced on my blog and she tracked me! I was so surprised to see her email, I cannot tell you. What are the odds of that, I ask ya?!

--One of my colleagues's son asked her if there was a certain someone in her office. And he included my name along with my initials and middle name and all. I was totally stumped. Apparently he was asking because his friend asked about me and his friend even knew that I moved back from the US and all. How might a seventh grader know me?! That too my whole name, including my geographic progressions?! Considering that none of my friends are old enough to have kids in the seventh grade, I am really curious to know how this little guy knows me. I've asked my colleague to ask her son to ask his friend how he knows me ;) (Too many asks) Lets see!

--Another colleague mentioned to my sister @ work that this certain someone who is their common friend is someone whom I also knew very well. Again stumped. The name didnt even ring a bell and I was supposed to know this guy very well, ooh. Maybe my memory is completely failing me?!

So many "hey do you know this person" events surrounding me this past couple days. Its too much, I feel like my whole life is out there for people to read?! Maybe I should stop blogging now ;)


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