Sunday, February 01, 2009


I think Federer has gotten into him some sort of psychological block against Nadal now. How many unforced errors man? His aces and winners were brilliant and in the overall stats, the only reason Nadal won was because of Federer's unforced errors. Of course Federer could have had a lot more winners had not Nadal prevented them from becoming winners in every possible way.

Very reluctantly, go Nadal! He deserved this win in more ways than one, what after that 5h 40m semi-final less than 48hrs back!

I really wish Federer manages 15 grand slams for the legend that he has been over the past few years.


Anonymous said...

huh..c'mon please.Nadal didn't win because of federer's mistakes. Nadal forced him to make those mistakes. If you've seen the whole match, Nadal challenged federer's backhand consistently which made him open up a lot of open court only to see nadal's return shots passing by untouched.give props to nadal for his relentless attack of federer's shots.

not to mention..federer crying which spoiled the whole celebration and taking the moment away from nadal. Anyway, people are bored of watching the same guy winning.


Roti said...
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Roti said...

Cannot agree with anon.It was Federer's fault more than Nadal forcing errors.How many times did you see FedEx dump the ball way outside the limit even for seemingly simple returns?The number of times he troubled Nadal's serve and the number of times he earned break points are indicators enough to say that his game play is not the problem.
PS - Nadal's semifinal was for 5Hrs 14min not 5-40.Cheers.

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